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X48 System
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X48 Extender.

X48 Ultimation(TM) Extender

New fader extender set

8th August 2007....Brandon McHale Designs announces the availability of an extender system for use on SSL Ultimation(TM) systems. The system comprises two circuit boards and a two foot connecting cable. One board plugs into the fader, this board incorporates 48 test points to allow all of the signals/data to be monitored. The second board plugs into the console, this board has a small proto-type area where diagnostic leds and circuitry etc can be installed to provide a visual indication of power and data status.

Soon to be released the X48i. This extender system will have decoding circuitry installed on the console PCB that will provide a visual status of the Read and Write data lines as well as the analog, motor and logic power lines.

Ultimation is a trade mark of Solid State Logic

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