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Multitrack Matrix
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The MM96 Multitrack Matrix is a new product that was designed with our sister company Across The Pond Audio.

The MM96 enables an audio engineer to instantly switch between two 24 track audio devices. Each of the two devices can be instantly switched between the Group Sends/Returns of the console and to send and return user points on the patchbay. The tracks selected can be either a global selection of all 24 tracks or a mixture of the two devices. The switching is implemented by a relay matrix and is therefore completely transparent to the audio.

Additionally there is the capability for the two devices to dub from one to the other, with a +/-10db adjustment, without passing audio through the console. There are 16 memories (8 preset & 8 user) that allow for instant recall of previous setups and dub levels. The THD of the Dub gain circuits is what one would expect from a piece of high quality pro audio gear.

Key Benefits

  • Switch instantly between two recording devices.
  • Select playback tracks from either device.
  • Enable dubbing between devices without the console or patchbay.
  • Performs as a programmable patchbay, enabling instant recall of previous session setups.

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