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MIDI Magic is a truly bi-directional wireless MIDI link. Each module acts as a MIDI IN and a MIDI OUT cable!

Any unit can transmit or receive, allowing you to move about your equipment without having to re-configure your setup. There is no dedicated transmitter or receiver unit, and you can add as many units to the network as you like. You can separate your network by selecting up to five different MIDI networks, Allowing up to 80 MIDI channels to be active at the same time!! Each of the five networks equates to a MIDI cable in a wired setup. Each Module will only respond or transmit to other modules set to the same network.

Key Benefits

  • Introduce any Midi device into a studio setup without any cabling.
  • Increased Midi Range.
  • Stage setups less complicated.
  • Up to 5 different networks operating at the same time, (i.e. 80 Midi Channels).

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